Acne Skin Savers Your Mom Never Told You About

Undoubtedly your mom told you about the straw that broke the camel's back, but did she fill you in on the dirty deed that brought the zit to life?

Your skin is one of the most sensitive and responsive organs of the human body. As such, the skin responds to every touch and thought you experience.

Potential pimples can lie below the surface of the skin only waiting for the right amount of irritation or inflammation to bring it to the surface of your skin. For instance, if you've ever had a painfully deep bump on your chin you know what a potential zit looks and feels like.

Every pore on your body could serve as a potential home for a zit. In its natural, most healthy state, an open pore allows for a free exchange of oxygen and waste between the skin and the environment.

Yet zits receive their invitation to take form within the pore once trapped waste or excess irritation prevents the natural excretion of waste products like oil and excess fatty acids from the skin.

Sometimes, a future zit living beneath the skin does not exhibit any pain at all. That's because the area beneath the skin has not reached an infection point serious enough to activate leucocytes, or white blood cells that fight off infection.

Infected zits beneath the skin attract numerous white blood cells that fill, or expand the affected areas, which can result in a painful sensation.

Touching or rubbing the skin can be that one last act that irritates the sensitive area enough to cause a zit to rise beneath the surface of the skin.

So how's all this going to stop the act the brings the zit to life? Simple, just note the everyday experiences where your next act could agitate a zit into existence.

For example, only touch your face to cleanse it. Excessively touching your face during the day while you work allows to you bring several more germs and bacteria to you face that you skin now has to react and protect itself against.

Protecting the skin against a potential bacterial threat proves more important to the skin than preventing a zit from popping up.

Moreover, make sure that whatever you place against your face is clean. This includes your pillow, phone, and makeup applicators.

In the end, even if you mom didn't tell you about acne skin savers, you can now enjoy the privilege of zapping zits before they start.

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